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Its been awhile... My FYP (Final Year Project) kept me away from blogging. By 'My FYP' I mean 'Me myself'. Long story short, here I am.

Few months ago, I found this incredibly tutorials and with complete 'tools' Im ready to test the tutorials. Thus, as this blog is for testing... the layout will be totally MESS... Its what its for, thus, its wat its going to or should be --> tester blog.

So, there will be several mess with links, layout, comment and contains...

..Finish? nt yet..Read More my messup mind..

wizda love The snow effect


i cant (read: i dont know how to) attach this credit to the body part of my layout hml. thus, i put the credit in the footer and lead to this page to equally credit this tutorial to blogmenjerit, kurt Grigg and Dynamic Drive.
* The snow effect without image*
* Diambil dari blogmenjerit
* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Please keep this notice intact

Kak tie is the fan of snow effect javascript on my wex's mind messup. i like it much as she like too.. its work fine in my wex's mind messup blog. Thus, snow effect is the main component especially when i used dark background.

The snow effect i have been using is from blogmenjerit.com by marzuki which now as move to dilarangmelarang.com. but the tutorial has been move and missing. but mytech has copy it, thank god.

the source of snow effect without image javascript is from dynamicdrive and created by Kurt Grigg. They have provide the demo here. nice rite?

and the javascript code or javascript source, snow.js is provided, but the nice thing is marzuki jalil has already upload it for his reader.

k, cut the intro, here is the tutorial from marzuki jalil.

1. in blogger dashboard > layout > page element.

2. click add a gadget and choose HTML/javascript.

3. Then paste this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://blogmenjerit.googlepages.com/blogmenjerit.snow.js">
* Diambil dari blogmenjerit
* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Please keep this notice intact

4. save and view blog.

but for this dreamwork redux, when i paste in the HTML/javascript box, the snow is not showed or it is showed but the scroll bar seem like going crazy. my page blog height and witdh getting larger and increase. scared me... huhu

then, i decide to only used the javascript source and paste it above or in between the body part of my html layout. is works fine compare to before.

but i cant attach the credit notice in the script.

* The snow effect without image*
* Diambil dari blogmenjerit
* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Please keep this notice intact

what to do. what to do.
oh ok, i will credit it in the footer that lead to this page. ok?

p/s why im so strict with the internet material copy ethic? i dunno.

..Finish? nt yet..Read More my messup mind..

Wizda with Wish List


NOTE: This is entry is originally post in wex's mind messup. I post it in here to test the 'read more' function.

mmg penat tuk menahan dugaan... sabar waheeda sabar waheeda... baek...

why i list it all... because everyone done it.... kukukukukuh
because all of this lingering in my mind.... let me release it before it messup my mind.... shuh shuh Here they are...

1. I want to lose weight... (hihi malu tuk menyatakan... hehe)
my friend had offer 50% discount gym club. Still, it still very costly for me.. have i mention 'very costly'.. ooppsss sorry, it should be 'very very costly'. If my condition really need me to be in ideal weight, maybe i have and i should to take the offer... regardless the cost.
when i mention cost, i also attract to this HL diet shake... have i mention cost, yes i have.. the cost is not affordable by me.. yes it is not too high, but it is for me.. cause i have no income... but still it still not requirement until it is be so..
but all of that only the options/opportunity to lose weight in faster way... but since i know the cause of my weight problem, i should know i how to solve it.. but it is not easy as i say it is... huhuhu... so as i said it before, if the condition force me till i have to spend some money, maybe i will... huhu

2. Involve in business...
Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam memuji penjual atau saudagar yang jujur dalam perniagaan dan sembilan per sepuluh dari rezeki datang dari berniaga. Berniaga juga merupakan ibadat yang boleh menghampirkan diri kepada Allah.
[grab from menyusur mukim kampung]
My dad really against businesses. Cause there always cheating in business... yes my dad is phobia with business... Tuelaaa spe suruh orang berniaga (sesetengah) tipu pelangan. but not all businessman are manipulate their customers. I like advertising and internet business. But i still hesitate to join it. But still ive try it-->Nuffnang.com.my. When i really confident in business, i'll get active in it... InsyaAllah. Rezeki datang daripada-Nya.

3. Have new spectacle frame.
I had over 1,500 lenses power for both side. I had 'rabun jauh' since i was in standard one... but I start to wearing glasses when i was in standard four. At that time, my lenses power has reach 400 each side. For this glasses, i have wearing for over three years... although the lenses is only little blur, but still, i should change the glass at least 2 years.

4. Increase my pointer/grade...
Yes, my CGPA is at borderline... I'm not telling u which borderline.. hihi.. But if i really want to persude master or research assistant in medical research center or even working in laboratory, at least my pointer should be above 3.00... so, that is my target... So, i'm desperately going for increasing my pointer...

5. DSLR camera...
Everyone try to get it and already having it (nono, aeropama, topato, BS etc)... huhuhu i want it too.... heheheh Although i know nothing bout photography. Know nothing bout DSLR.. but hey, i'd join photography club in form 2 secondary school with my dad antic camera which he get from china before i was born... heheheheh I love candid picture, human behaviour theme, and unliving object theme, and also sky... (uh??? pe kes tangkap gmbar langit plak nie.. hahaha best pe ciptaan Allah swt)

6. Swarovski crystal...

huhu i fascinated with its reflected (some of them). And the price range can be afford by me... But the question is- do i need it... and the most important- is it suitable with my style.. I am very confirm my friend will laugh at me.. hehehehe
note: later when ive lot of money (will I?), i want to buy diamond... uhhh from now only in my dream... hahahah
pic: (just example) from ebay by victoryalways66on Feb 2009.

7. Twinmate series NC-8x notebook
huhuhuhuhu i want it i want it i want it... hehehehe easy for me to access wireless in my faculty, and convenience for me to read lot of journals... but the things is, it is easy for me to bring it whenever i go... superlight and affordable for me, and small, thin... with AMD processor... But the RAM and space maybe not so powerful regarding the price...

8. Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 or Bitdefender...
I want to buy it... not using blac* mark*t like two and half years ago.. For half years i have not update my antivirus. I only used portable antivirus for checking my thumbdrive.. So, my driver should be lot of tuttttt..... hihihihihi... so risky of me... with my lecture hall pc have been collecting all the virus from everywhere... hehehe

9. New handphone...

Actually, either HTC touch or notebook... but recently my handphone having problem (manja2 plak ngn tuan dia)... whenever i have out going-call or in coming-call, the caller/recipient cannot hear my voice... what the h*ll is handphone function without voice transmitting... i know, the other function is sms, but my parents dont like to use sms... Also, i used p*rate battery.. so deserve me when in between 4months the baterry getting thicker... so, if i dont get me new handphone, maybe i have to by original battery... T_T aiyoooo duit duit...
note: actually my mom have offer me to buy new handphone, but quickly i change the offer to notebook twinmate... which today it is not necessary for me to by the notebook... hehehe

10. Fully attention into my research project...
I was really gratefull to be supervise by my supervisor... I thought i will never had a chance to get experience working with her... Alhamdulillah... And the scope and my title research project interest me to involve in it... more deep i went, more interest i get to be... and then, end of the month, i had to present it... Dam*, Mamp*s ak*.... so, together for the sake of my health, she challenge me to lose weight to be in ideal weight before the presentation. She want me to be confidence out and in.. yes, i take the challenge.. wish me luck...

11. Balik kampung..
It have been urmmmm, since i was in form 2, i have never back to my parent hometown. Since, my late grandpa death.... and with my late aunt death last two weeks, really i being miss my hometown... But i will only back home with all my family member (i hope)..

12. Kelisa biru
Yes i want one... (tapi mmg klakar laaa klu mintak... ingt pe, mintak aiskrim pe) hihi...
yes i need to drive because tut tut tut... so, waheeda dgr tue, u have to drive!!!... huhu ok!!!

13. Masak...

huhu pe kes nie??? haha... what menu will be in my wish-cooking-list... ntah, just i like to eat... hahahahaha ignore this point. heheh.. oh ok.... sambal belacan thailand (recipies by my frenz Leez*). Or maybe tomyam Leez*, Laksa Inia, nasi goreng a*n. hehehe what if, i ask them to cook for me... n tuk Noeda*, i tak kesah klu nak blnje mee sizling lagi, and cek ay*e hihihi sye sdg tnggu anda blanje sye... hahaha

14. Downloading...
when i get my streamyx... when my mom get hers worker price. i want to download all the movies i like (ok not all, imposible, wex de keje len nak wat). then, i want to watch youtube... hehehe... and put some youtube vid into this blog... hehehe one day one day.... to be soon....

15. complete my comic book...
ok, i lived in dragon ball year, sailormoon and shin chan and penyiasat remaja hajime... hihihi... so i have most of it, or maybe half of the volume, except dik cerdas, only 1more to complete.. hihi so, since i was in form1 i have wish to complete my collection... hihihi... but since i was in *pre-adult time, the wish has wash away little by little...

16. payable host with wordpress plugin...
huhu someday someday... when i have full time in managing blog. Till that day, i will be in wizda.blogspot.com.... n happy with it.... =)
note: i think i want to change another template... oppppsss... hahahah

17. English language both writting and speaking skills..
Not to forget, how important English in my career... uhhhhh.... when i will become NOT speachless...

18. Novels
Reading Harry Potter and recently Twilight... Why was suddenly... ntah I HATE reading... oopppssss hope not...

19. Hadith
Learning hadith with leez*... Uish i really admire for whom know hadith....

20. boyfriend??
ahhhhh!!!!!!! dlm mimpi jelaaa hahahah... tak tringin lagi pd saat nie (uish sombong bunyi nye hehe abaikan)... ntah, tak pham laki nie pe pe'el dorang oopppssss (abaikan)... hahahahah nnt laaa bila dapat seru kut...

Whats more whats more whats more... ermmmmmm pe ek.... *sigh* manusia tak pernah puas dgn pe yang dia ada... ye, sye manusia.... hehehe

For now, thats all... my target was #1 and #4 and not to forget #10... the rest just luahan perasaan... heheh klu fullfill pn takpe, tak kisah dgn pe care... cam org hadiah DSLR camera ke, terbelikan handphone baru ke siap ngn mp3, takpun terbagi notebook twinmate ke... nak wat camne dah ter-full fill kn wish seorang manusia yg tamak nie... heheheheheh

something that stop me from full-fill some of my wish that i can afford it is the phrase "kehendak ATAU keperluan???" hihihihi. For my income situation, sure i cant afford the wishes. And my dad always say "buy if u only died without it".... uish so harsh, just the phrase ok... heheheh pepun kte bersyukur lah pe yg kita ada... huhuhu insaf...

p/s nie bukan wish list tuk barang2 je... nie dah cam azam dah... ntah ler.... hihi

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..Finish? nt yet..Read More my messup mind..